When the girl, Silence, is sent by the trees to save Yesterday, she doesn’t know what her task is, only that it is important. Returning to the village that cast her out, Silence recognizes her purpose: to join the dead with the living in an act that celebrates their memory. Julius Lester’s richly poetic language brings to life this tale about caring for one’s ancestors, widening one’s sense of community to include the living and the dead.  

Available Spring 2016

John Hendrix, author-illustrator of Shooting the Stars –
"Carl Angel's work dances off the page with vivid colors and dramatic page design. The characters come to life in rich, magical hues, leading the reader deep into Julius Lester's wonderful story."

Martha Petit, Folio Books – "The Girl Who Saved Yesterday reads like an ancient myth. At times I found myself getting lost in the dreamlike text, but the joys of re-reading allowed me to dig deeper into the stunning illustrations. A challenging, but ultimately very provocative tale with illustrations to match."