Booklist Review

Forgot to add this review from earlier this month. Thank you, Booklist

"A young girl named Silence, who has been raised by the ancient trees of the forest, is directed to return to her village in order to save all the Yesterdays. Obediently she complies, although she doesn’t quite understand her task. Eventually she climbs a nearby mountain where she uncovers some glowing pink stones that mark the graves of village ancestors. Once the area around the stones is cleaned and restored, the markers release memories that save the Yesterdays. This lyrical fable fairly brims with rich language, and while the story’s meaning may take a few readings to become clear, the pleasure of Lester’s words makes the journey worthwhile. Angel’s lush and colorful spreads beautifully complement the text, setting the story in a small African village. Most impressive are his portrayals of personified trees and the magical memories that emanate from the ancestors and their graves. In addition to providing some excellent examples of vivid prose, this story is sure to spark discussion of cultural customs that honor the dead."
— Kay Weisman, Booklist